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How to Reduce the Cost of Bounced Checks Share

The cost of bounced checks to small-business owners goes far beyond the penalty fees the banks charge for depositing bad checks. The time spent handling bounced checks and the... Read more


The Work/Life Balance: Is it Possible?

Small Business expert Rieva Lesonsky shares her experience and insights on balancing the demands of home, family and work life. Read more


60 Second Guides: Find a Mentor

In just 60-seconds, we’ll show you how to find, develop and nurture a business mentor that will help you through the booms and busts of small business ownership. Read more


When is a Good Time to Open a Second Location of Your Bar or Restaurant?

Has your bar or restaurant concept taken off to the point where you can barely handle the crowds? Are your customers begging for another location? That’s a great problem to have,... Read more


What is a QR Code and Why Do You Need One?

In this eGuide brought to you by and SCORE, you will learn: what a QR code is, how QR codes work, the different types of QR codes, who uses QR codes and, how... Read more


Expert Tips: Search Engine Marketing

Mike Moran is a highly sought-after expert on all topics related to digital media marketing. He’s brought his expertise to businesses of all sizes through books such as Search... Read more


A Financial Statement Cheat Sheet for Business Owners

Daniel Kehrer provides a “cheat sheet” to help you understand three basic financial statement flavors: Balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements. Read more


Loss Leader Pricing Strategy

Steve Strauss, Founder of, discusses how loss leader pricing strategy can be a great way to grow any business. Read more


Improving Your Sales

Rieva Lesonsky provides four sales tips to help you in your small business. Read more


Ways to Structure your Business: Corporation? LLC? Partnership?

The general, or "C," corporation continues to be the most common entity type, as it allows for an unlimited number of shareholders and usually limits a stockholder's liability to... Read more