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Business Plan Template for an Established Business

This business plan template is a generic model suitable for all types of established business. However, you should modify it to suit your particular circumstances. Read more


10 Ways to Prevent Employee Theft and Fraud

Business owners are rightly concerned – or should be. Employee misdeeds take many forms: Larceny (outright theft) Skimming (diverting business funds) Fraudulent disbursements (... Read more

How to Really Start Your Own Business eBook

A workbook from The Company Corporation and SCORE that helps detail all the steps necessary to successfully start your own small business. Read more


Social Entrepreneurship

Steve Strauss discusses the concept of social entrepreneurship and offers a few real life examples. Read more


Low Cost Marketing Ideas

Steve Strauss shares 4 low cost ways to market your business. Read more


Using Software as a Service

USA Today columnist, Steve Strauss, reviews the benefits of using software as a service for small businesses. Read more


Cash vs. Accrual Accounting Methods

Do you know the difference between cash and accrual accounting? This article explains the difference and its impact on your bottom line. Read more