Businesses We Have Helped

SCORE SEMA is proud to have helped a number of business owners here in our community. Please click on any of the images below to visit their websites.

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Stefeno Hats"Rick Kelly has been a valuable resource for our business with guidance and ideas during these difficult times. He makes sure that we are focused on our primary goal of keeping in touch with our customers in a timely manner letting them know that we are there for them not just during the goods times but also during the difficult times. We are very happy to have his mentoring, especially now." - Stephen Goldberg

"I cannot say enough good things about Danny Sapir. I met him once, and since our meeting, he has been very communicative and helpful. He goes above and beyond, and his help is priceless. I greatly appreciate working with him and Tom Oertel. And the fact that he's volunteering his time, simply amazing. If I had to rate him on a scale of 0-5, 5 being the best, I'd give him a 10!" - Thanks, Valerie Adjorlolo



"I am so lucky to have Rick as a mentor. He is an expert marketer who knows how to market, pitch a sales presentation, and acquire customers. Rick is a natural teacher; helping me form a marketing strategy to elevate my business. He does not sugar coat anything and gives me a reality check when I need it. Over the past year, I have learned many things from him, and he has been the single most valuable people I have ever met." - Barbara Bonigli - founder of CareNavigate

Untitled"My Score Mentor Maria, an entrepreneur and certified Woman Business Enterprise, could easily relate to the challenges and obstacles of being a small business owner. As we know, the best advice comes from someone that has “been there and done that”. Her expertise of state and federally designated certifications such as DBE, 8a, and HubZone was extremely helpful. Maria provided me with valuable support and guidance. I am grateful to have Maria as a mentor." - Carole Derringer